Rainbow Theatre Presents: Underground

November 20, 2008


“Underground” is a play written by Edward McWilliams about the different stories of the people who ride the NY subway every day. Sometimes don’t you ever wonder what it would be like if people actually talked to each other on the subway? You see these same people day in and day out and you don’t even know where they’re coming from. Sure you’re all coming from the same stop, but that could mean something completely different for different people. Underground tells those untold stories, the stories that never get written in history books but need to be told anyway.

Directed by Lisa Evans and Chelsea Johnson-Long
Stage Manager: Wendy Salazar

The Cast-

Poets————————-Nolan Winston and Briana Rodriguez
Bag Lady——————–Charlie Fierro
Seer————————-Diesel Tyme
Dope (The DVD Man)——Derrick Morris
The Kids———————Karla Flores, Chuck Jose, Kymberly Juachon and Chelsea McDaniel
The Queen——————Chelsea Johnson-Long
Hustler———————–Jared Grayson
Baby————————-Chelsea McDaniel

Underground will be held at the Stevenson Event Center on November 21 & 22 @ 7PM.

Tickets will be sold at the door.
Students – $7
General – $10
Stevenson Students – Free

Bring your program from the previous rainbow shows to get in for $2 off!

Come out and support rainbow!


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